The Way of the Bison

buffalo in snow storm with words "Face the Storm Head On"

We are bombarded with bad news, natural disasters, fires, the pandemic, and uncertainties. We have lost our personal freedoms, connection with others, personal space, and normal. We are tired. We are tired of not knowing what information we can trust and how to respond. The mental and emotional load this pandemic has brought cannot be … Read more

Don’t Wait for Flowers

bouquet of flowers

I wanted to share something I have learned. In this journey, I’ve learned to not wait for the flowers and to create my own. I remember a good friend saying to me, “you are waiting for him to come home”. I was. I was actually waiting for Rob to come home to change the oil … Read more

Resting in my Father’s Arms

Bible and a cup of coffee

The old blue suede recliner that sits in the far corner of our living room patiently awaits my presence each morning. Because I relax on this piece of furniture every day to talk to the LORD, it has become my haven–my place of refuge. The chair is an ordinary Big Boy recliner, worn down by … Read more

Holidays and Widows: Let’s Get Practical

red Christmas ornament

The holidays are a time for festivity and family. Think of all the traditions you do with your loved one, the details……… the number of stockings hanging from the fireplace, the ornaments where each has a memory, the smell of the home, a traditional holiday vacation, looking at lights, sounds of holiday songs, the coolness of … Read more

Do you matter? Does your life matter?

butterfly on person's hand

I always love those movies like, “It’s a Wonderful Life,” where George Bailey wishes he had never been born, and an angel appears and makes his wish come true. George begins to realize how many lives he has impacted and changed just by him being in this life. Edward Lorenz was an MIT mathematician and meteorologist. He … Read more