Programs for Widows

Grief Circle COMING SOON!

Grief Circle will offer a weekly themes, monthly guest speakers, empowerment topics, and Q&A sessions.


Courage to Grieve: NOV. 4 - Dec. 9

Courage to Grieve is a 6 week program designed to give a widow an opportunity to focus deeply on her grief and loss. Healing begins when we process and walk through our grief, as painful as it may be. The session will be a combination of teaching, discussion, and learning activities. In addition, there will be empowerment activities along the way. 

Courage to Grieve will be weekly, for 1 hour, 1-10 ladies. The desire is to offer this to all widows, so this will be a virtual ZOOM program. A ZOOM link will be sent at the time of registration.  Attending all six sessions is most beneficial, therefore no new participants are accepted after the second session.

Courage to Grieve is lead by Lori Bohning.

    • What to expect
    • The process of grief
    • Living with memories
    • Needs when you are grieving
    • Honoring special occasions
    • Self-Care, Art, and more
    • Legacy of our loved one
    • What now?
    • What is my purpose?

Please use the link below to sign-up for the next session of Courage to Grieve.  Course Fee:  $125

Widow Support - Monthly Group

Widows meeting and connecting with other widows is very special and precious. Beauty from Ashes, in New Braunfels, Texas, has successfully started the first BFA widow support group. We offer a group in person meetings, the third Saturday of each month, for 1 hour. This is a structured faith-based support group using the Beauty from Ashes monthly curriculum.

If you live in New Braunfels area, please contact BFA for meeting information. If you live outside New Braunfels area, and are interested in BFA, please contact BFA for any ZOOM meetings. Currently, Zoom meetings include; Life After Loss, Widows with Children, Webinars, and Coaching Programs.

The heart of BFA is to have churches or communities start their own Beauty from Ashes in their area. If you are interested, we will help every step of the way. Please see “Start Your Own BFA

Beauty from Ashes groups are lead by Lori Bohning.

BFA Curriculum consists of the following meeting structure:

  • Lighting of Candle
  • Breathing Activity
  • Opening Prayer
  • Group Guidelines
  • Check-ins
  • God Sightings
  • Heart Activity and/or Widow Topic
  • Empowerment Homework
  • Closing Prayer

We include social activities that are organized by the ladies in the group. We encourage friendships, strong networks, community, and outreach. We also offer group text messaging for New Braunfels ladies along with a private Facebook page for anyone interested.





Widows with Children Support

Rob passed away when my children were seven and nine years old. I remember the morning I had to tell my children that their daddy died and was not coming home. There is nothing that will prepare you for that moment. The months that followed were overwhelming, and all I could do was carry the tears of my children and hold back my own grief. I remember my widow brain as I sat in a room full of paperwork and “to dos” and all I could do was stare at a wall. There were thousands of thoughts and details of our life that would run through my mind every day, and I was constantly trying to balance what is best for my children and myself. Both my children responded differently to grief. one was confused, detached, and silent, and the other had trauma outbursts that would last for hours.

There is a lot involved in the healing process of grieving children and a support system is so helpful. We want children to go through the healing process, not “just get over it”. Moms, I know you need support as you juggle and manage life without your loved one. There is the loss of your loved one and all the secondary losses that are added to that loss.

It’s been on my heart to start a support group with other widows with children. The first few meetings will be simply to share our stories and share what we need in a support group. It may simply be prayer. This is a widow-driven support group; meaning, it will not be led by one facilitator.

Meetings are available to all widows with children.

Meetings will take place virtually on ZOOM. If a few of you are in the same area, feel free to set up a time to gather face-to-face.

Connect for dates and times.

Looking for widow volunteers with a heart to lead this support group!

Coaching Programs


What Is My Purpose?

Life Focus is a program developed by Life-forming Leadership. This is a 3 month program with 3-4 ladies at a time, 1.5 hours per week, and approximately 1.5 hours a week of homework per week. There will be three 1:1 individual coaching sessions. We will meet virtually on ZOOM. This program will be led by a trained and certified Life Focus coach.

Lead by Lori Bohning


Uniquely You/Spiritual Gifts Personality Profile
Is this all there is in Life?
How has God designed me?
What is my purpose?
Why am I here?
How do my dreams fit into my future?

Values Discovery
Is it really possible to live according to what is important to me?
How do I get there?

Contact for upcoming dates and program fee


Wonderfully Made

Wonderfully Made is a 6 week program designed from selected workshops, coaching programs, bible studies, books, and resources. It will be 1 hour, weekly, with 3-15 ladies. We will meet virtually on ZOOM. Taught by Lori Bohning and other specialized coaches.

Lead by Lori Bohning

• Precious in His sight
• My identity in Christ
• Beauty and the Bible
• The lies we tell ourselves
• The truths we must believe
• Ways we self-sabotage
• Survive and thrive brain
• Road Blocks
• Boundaries
• Navigating our thoughts
• Body tracing affirmations
• Discovery of likes and dislikes
• Breathing exercises
• Self-Care

Contact for upcoming dates and program fee


“Anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!” 2 Corinthians 5:17

Life can often bring us to a place where we have lost our way and need help finding our way back. I found myself on the other side of my greatest fear in 2015, when my husband passed away after a long battle with cancer. Along with grief, other painful areas of my life were triggered within me. I had a choice to jump over it or go through the darkness with my eyes open. I knew the choice had to begin with me. The journey that God led me through brought me to place of deep healing, restoration, peace, and joy. I understand what “stuck” is and I am here to walk alongside this journey with you. Christian Life Coaching invites God into each coaching session, and I will coach you as you discover your limiting beliefs that hold you back, and help you to see yourself as God sees you. I will help you by using powerful questions and coaching techniques to close the gap between where you are and where you would like to be in your life.

I have a bachelors in Psychology and a masters in Education. I have lived and worked in Spain, Costa Rica, Paraguay, and Korea. I also have fifteen years of experience in social work, and have worked with a wide variety of issues and backgrounds. I am the Founder of Beauty from Ashes widow ministry; which brings the hope of Jesus Christ to widows of any age. My life’s journey has put a deep passion in my heart to coach those that are in life transitions and wanting to make a change, wanting to find God’s purpose for their life, and those dealing with strongholds. You are worth embarking on this transformational journey!

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