Don’t Wait for Flowers

I wanted to share something I have learned. In this journey, I’ve learned to not wait for the flowers and to create my own. I remember a good friend saying to me, “you are waiting for him to come home”. I was. I was actually waiting for Rob to come home to change the oil in our car, take care of the finances, celebrate special occasions, bring me flowers…..finish our life.

Ever felt that way? I’m sure some of you have. Here’s what I learned. Be gentle with yourself. It’s ok to take the realization that he’s not coming through those door, very, very slow. One day, we will be together again with our loved one. There is life in our body now and God has life for us to experience. I’ve learned to not think too much. I’m a thinker. Love isn’t some analytical complicated theorem. It just is. I apply that to myself. I decided to be happy and love my life and myself. It’s in the doing, sometimes even if I don’t think or feel it. Part of the doing is allowing life and love to enter in the small things.

Buying flowers for myself is one way. Seeing something beautiful in a vase makes me see life, smell something lovely, and that brings peace for me. Doing that for myself, gives me confidence. It reminds me that I am not a victim to my circumstance, and I can grieve and make it through this any way I choose. I choose life, beauty, grace, and am open to His blessings.

A small bouquet of flowers costs $3.98 and they last a long time. I buy a bouquet for myself every few weeks and I enjoy filling my empty vases. It is something I look forward to and I love doing that for my heart. Create your own bouquet today!

Flowers at His Feet

by Julie Carrol

The earth is Jesus’ footstool…and we’re the flowers at His feet,
A lovely field of gorgeous color, growing wild, but oh so sweet!
With every flower rich in beauty, bringing pleasure to His heart,
Each nurtured with His tenderness…a precious work of art!

He strolls amongst the garden, shedding early morning light,
To warm our souls with glory, as we blossom in His sight.
The golden daffodil, the daisies, the hyacinth, the rose…
In the loving care of Jesus, His graceful garden grows.

Some are delicate and fragile, in need of special care,
A hedge of His protection, so He covers them with prayer.
Others are just thirsty, seeking truth and righteousness,
So He looses rain from heaven, in streams of blessedness.

Some are bright and lively, ever swaying in the wind,
Dancing to the melody, that His Holy Spirit sends…
While others seem so shy, in quiet reverence they are bowed,
Humbly praying at His feet, spilling teardrops on the ground.

And then there are a certain few, that only open for the Son,
With hidden beauty deep inside, a work that’s just begun…
Afraid to face the world, with its harshness and its sin,
Until He whispers in their spirit…”It’s ok, I am Your Friend.”

A Garden of His love…Yes, we’re the flowers at His feet!
A fragrance to His soul, that is marvelous and sweet.
Every flower rich in beauty, bringing pleasure to His heart,
Each nurtured with His tenderness…a precious work of art!

Song of Solomon 6:2-3
My Beloved is gone into His garden, to the beds of spices, to feed in the gardens, and to gather lilies. I am my Beloved’s and my Beloved is mine: He feedeth among the lilies.