Resting in my Father’s Arms

The old blue suede recliner that sits in the far corner of our living room patiently awaits my presence each morning. Because I relax on this piece of furniture every day to talk to the LORD, it has become my haven–my place of refuge. The chair is an ordinary Big Boy recliner, worn down by 10 years of daily use. A set of new looking furniture gazes jealously at this well used and trusty chair. Bibles devotionals, newsletters, and emails litter the table next to it. My prayer journal is sandwiched between the furniture in a book bag on the floor. I love to recline with the Bible over my face–covering myself with His love.

As I lay there, I ask for His in dwelling to fill me up for this day ahead. Reading from”My Utmost for His Highest ” begins my devotional time. I meditate on the words until they prick the essence of my being, and quicken my spirit, so the words mean something personally to me today. Prayers for Israel, our President, family and friends that are dear to me or who are suffering fill my heart. This recliner envelops me as I am resting in the arms of my Father. It is a conduit for my place of comfort, joy, peace, intercession and love.

God meets me where I’m at every day- as my Father, Husband and Comforter.

Blessings to all of you my BFA sisters in Christ!!